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I am doing sports most of my life and I am passionate about it. I balance my life with triathlon, running and cycling with my work and family. I imagine that is similar story to You. Decade ago I became a father and now a father of two so work and family life management made me to optimize all the training plans to be able to achieve good results with less time spent on training. It is clear that success for amateur athlete comes with not training more - it comes with training smart.

I did my first IRONMAN in year 2016 - Ironman KALAMAR in 10 hours and 04 minutes. Since then I started to plan going under 10 hours. It took me several times to do this, but after optimizing training schedule and balancing it with work and family i was able to achieve my goal in 2019 Challenge ROTH by going 9:36

On my way to sub-10 IRONMAN I did some fast half-ironman, Olympic and sprint distance races. I have finished on the podium in Latvian nationals in Olympic distance (silver overall) and had podium finishes and wins in Latvian and Baltic triathlon events.

Along side my passion for Triathlon I participate in running races and in the pursuit of sub-10 IRONMAN I have finished 42.195m race under 3 hours. My best time being 2:53 achieved twice in Riga marathon.

And that's why I started TRI RUN PRO - I want to share my knowledge I help You to achieve Your triathlon and running goals and enjoy training by training like a PRO amateur from the 1st training day.

I hold Latvian Triathlon coach license and work closely with Latvian Triathlon Federation.

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